6 Champions of Inclusion Student Activities for ISW 2016

If I Were a Superhero

  1. Identify a few well-known superheroes with your students and brainstorm adjectives that describe these superheroes and their actions.
  2. After reviewing the list, ask students to identify people in their real lives that possess these characteristics.
  3. Ask students to complete this thinksheet and describe what kind of superhero they would be.
ISN Wordle
Superhero writing display example

Tech Tip:

Type the list of brainstormed words into a word cloud generator and share it with your students as inspiration. Have students input their superhero description or story into the word cloud generator and make their own! Use EdWordle, Wordclouds.com, or the Google Doc Add-On Word Cloud Generator if your students have Google accounts.
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This second grade teacher had her students imagine what superhero power they would love to have or would best fit their personalities and then write about that power and WHY they chose that specific one. They then created themselves dressed as a superhero out of construction paper and displayed them in the classroom. So Cute! LEARN MORE
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Decorate Your Walls Superhero Style!

Have students create their own superhero persona! They will use this thinksheet to describe and illustrate themselves as a superhero.

Superhero illustration

I Spy a Champion!

Introduce the 2016 ISW theme and ask students to share how they have observed someone at school helping to include others. As a class, create a poster describing what a hero or champion is. See this great example from the Beyond the Beanstalk Blog. Provide time for students to journal about a hero in their life and how this person has made a difference in others’ lives.

Hero poster

Inclusion in Action Comic

Have students brainstorm how they could be a champion of inclusion at school or at home. Students will select a comic book template and create a comic describing an event where they are helping someone feel included. Use free online tools like Make Beliefs Comix.

Heroes in Training

Participate in the MY HERO Project. This is a non-profit organization that empowers people of all ages to realize their own potential to effect positive change in the world. Choose one or more activities from the My HERO Project in this Unit created for K-5th grade. Review a list of ways to participate in their Project and decide what works best for your students.


Exit Stars

Exit Stars is a great way to end Inclusive Schools Week! At the beginning of the week, explain that students will be Champions of Inclusion. Give students a star or star-shaped Post-It NoteTM. If they or a classmate demonstrate an act of kindness by being inclusive they write their name and what they did on the star. Have students hang the stars on the classroom door or a location near the classroom exit.

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