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Unlock the power of inclusive education with our comprehensive range of tools and resources. Discover a wealth of information, strategies, and practical tips to create inclusive classrooms, foster equity, and support diverse learners. Our user-friendly tools empower educators, parents, and advocates to navigate the path towards inclusive education.

Self-Assessment Tool

This instrument is designed to provide schools an opportunity to assess current practices regarding the implementation of quality standards for inclusive schools.

Inclusion Basics

This 15-minute, interactive tutorial shares information necessary to build a common definition of inclusive education.


Our team of experts provide information, tools, and resources on hot topics in inclusive education, from effective inclusion and scheduling to behavior basics and specially designed instruction.

Online Learning

Flexible, affordable options for building teacher capacity to instruct today’s diverse learners and promote safe and responsive school systems.

Distance Learning Resources

Resources and strategies designed to support educators in navigating technology and increasing student engagement in virtual environments.

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ISN Blog

Our blog is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and issues in inclusive education, offering insights and tips for educators, parents, and students who are passionate about creating inclusive learning environments. Through a combination of personal stories, expert interviews, and evidence-based research, our blog aims to promote understanding and support for inclusive education practices.