Ten Minute Warm-Ups for the Inclusive Classroom

Sing Song

Objective: Create a song about working together as a team

  1. Assign students partners and have them sit facing each other.
  2. The partners will work to create a song about inclusion and how students learn from each other. It can include specific examples of how students help each other in the inclusive classroom or generic ways they can include others in activities.
  3. Have the teams decide on a song they both know the tune to such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “Happy Birthday.”
  4. Then teams will alternate creating lines of the song until it is complete.
  5. Give a few, or all, of the teams the opportunity to share their songs with the class.

Here is an example of how you can introduce the activity to the tune of “Three Blind Mice.”
All of you,
Yes, all of you.
Will work together,
To compose a song,
About how we can all get along,
and work as a team all the day long,
Please start now,
Working together.

I Am You

Objective: Carry on a conversation “in the shoes” of a partner.

  1. Put students in pairs.
  2. Direct students to think about several positive things they know about their partners.
  3. Students will then have 2 minutes to take turns speaking as the other person about themselves.

Example conversation:
Ellie speaking… “My name is Bobby and I’m such a great artist. I painted a piece of art that won a ribbon at the last art show.”
Bobby speaking… “My name is Ellie and I am so kind to everyone. I make sure everyone has someone to sit with at lunch and am nice to everyone in our class.”

Extension Activity:
This is a great activity to talk about at length later on. Discuss how it made you feel to have someone recognize your gifts. Follow up with journaling about what they learned about themselves through others eyes.

I Appreciate…

Objective: To foster a sense of positivity and inclusion through sharing things the members of the class appreciate.

  1. Have the students sit in a circle and think of several things they are grateful for in their lives. Remind students these can be abstract concepts, actions and concrete things.
  2. Start with yourself and continue clockwise, giving the students the opportunity to share one thing they appreciate.

Examples may include:
I appreciate my kind students.
I appreciate my friends that play with me at recess.
I appreciate the great book we are reading during story time.
I appreciate Jackson for helping me when I have a question.

In Other Words

Objective: To brainstorm several words that show inclusion.

  1. Have students work in small groups.
  2. Provide a word such as inclusion, compassion, community, etc. Use the word cloud on the Inclusive Schools Week ribbon, t-shirt and water bottle for ideas. Have students brainstorm synonyms or words that relate to the chosen term.
  3. Have a recorder for each group write down all of the words generated by their group.
  4. After 2 minutes, have each group take turns sharing one word they thought of until all of the words have been shared.


Objective: To think of ways to demonstrate inclusion.

  1. Give the students a statement that serves as an answer.
  2. Have student pairs think of and record as many questions as they can for that answer in 2 minutes.
  3. Ask each pair to share one question they thought of with the rest of the group.

If the answer is “Through sharing my gifts.”
The questions could be:
How do I make our school a better place?
How do I show kindness to other students?
How can I make a positive impact on the community?

Download the Activities as a PDF: Ten Minute Warm Ups for the Inclusive Classroom

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