Pledge to Stand Up Sit Tall

Pledge to stand up for inclusion all year long! What is one way you will help to ensure that everyone feels included?

Activity 1:

Download the hand illustration here, write your answer inside the heart, and color the hand. Cut out the hand and add it with your peers to make an inclusive display!

Activity 2:

As a class, make a pledge to STAND UP and SIT TALL for inclusion in your school! Talk about what it means to be inclusive. Use this fill-in-the-blank worksheet to write out what it means to be inclusive. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 10 ways to STAND UP and SIT TALL for inclusion:

  1. Notice and embrace your peers abilities- give someone a heartfelt compliment.
  2. When given the opportunity, find someone you haven’t worked with in class and ask them to partner up.
  3. Introduce yourself to someone you may not know and make an effort to include them in your day.
  4. Notice someone struggling? Offer to help them!
  5. See someone alone during free play time? Ask them to join you and your friends.
  6. Be a leader! Stand up and set a good example to everyone even if it is difficult.
  7. Sit by a new person at lunch at least twice this week or invite someone new to sit at your table.
  8. Learn at least three new things about someone in a different grade level.
  9. High five or give a big smile to 5 new people this week!
  10. Learn about a new culture and their holiday traditions and share your traditions!

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