Bush Hill Elementary in Fairfax County, Virginia Has Great ISW 2017 Plans!

Respect and Include posters

Thanks so much Mrs. Sarah Pike for sharing your plans! We can’t wait to see hear more about how the week went!

Bush Hill Elementary School has celebrated Inclusive Schools Week for many years! As our Panthers celebrate the uniqueness of our school community, we have several activities planned to teach students how to be more kind, accepting, and understanding of differences. Featured activities include:

  • Frank Stephens will help us kick off the week as he shares his experiences and accomplishments as an individual with a disability. Frank is a member of the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Virginia and a long-time Global Messenger, advocating on behalf of Special Olympics. He was awarded the Quincy Jones Excellence in Advocacy Award by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2016 and is an active advocate for Global’s research.
  • Students will rotate through a variety of stations that will help them experience the world as individuals who may be different due to disability, gender, cultural heritage, language preference, and other factors. Participation in these stations will lend a new understanding of and appreciation for obstacles that may be present in an increasingly diverse student population, and how we can help others accordingly.
  • Students will have an opportunity to take the ORANGE Pledge. Students will pledge to always: open access, respect others, assume ability, nix labels, get included, and embrace differences.

Inclusion Week 2017 Flyer

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