ISW 2017 Celebration in Uganda

Lightbulbs, globes, peace signs, hearts banner

Tororo Inset Nursery Teacher Training School: The center that works in partnership with education offices to promote inclusive education practices in Early childhood development (nursery education inclusive practices) in Uganda includes:

  1. Inclusive schools and children with disability assessments
  2. Training of inclusive education teachers to support children with special needs, using Stetson Associate, Inc. inclusion materials.
  3. Providing per-service, in-service, and seminars/workshops for teachers.

Here is their flier including the activities covered during 3-days workshop at Tororo Inset.

Tororo Inset Nursery Teacher Training ISW poster

Institute director, Gabriel Odoi Owori (in the white t-shirt) training inclusive teachers how to handle children with visual impairment, hearing, and material production.

Tororo Inset Nursery Teacher Training flyer

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