Supporting a School-Wide System of Positive Behavioral Supports


How does the principal establish an effective school-wide positive behavioral support system?

An effective school-wide positive behavioral support system consists of three parts:

  1. Shifting from a reactive stance to a responsive stance;
  2. Emphasizing proactive strategies, such as defining, teaching and supporting appropriate behaviors
  3. Establishing a continuum of positive behavior support for all students provided by all in the school and throughout all areas of the school

Evaluate your support of a school-wide system of positive behavioral supports using the Checklist for Administrators.

  1. A school-wide leadership or behavior support team has been established to guide and direct the school-wide system.
  2. The school-wide team consists of an administrator, grade-level representatives, support staff, and parents.
  3. School administration actively supports and participates in the school-wide system.
  4. The leadership team has a commitment and agreement from a minimum of 80% of the school staff for active support and participation.
  5. A “self-assessment” of the current schoolwide discipline system has occurred.
  6. Data is used to drive and make decisions.
  7. Baseline estimates of the behaviors of concern are established and reflect objective measures (e.g., frequency, duration, intensity).
  8. An implementation action plan, based on data driven decisions, has been developed.
  9. A process to collect office referrals and other data on a regular basis has been established.
  10. Data is evaluated at regular intervals to determine the effectiveness of school-wide PBS efforts.

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