Resources for Working with the Deaf and HoH Community

Woman and young girl using sign language

Thanks for the inspiring message and great resources, Sara!

Dear ISN,

My nephew is the sunshine of my life. He just so happens to be deaf, and he and I talk (I learned sign language!) about how it’s one of the many, many qualities that makes him so special. He’s always accepted who he is without question, and he’s such an inspiration to me and everyone he meets.

As an educator, he’s also made me think about my approach to working with students who have unique needs like he does: what can I be doing to ensure these children thrive? When it comes down to it, I think the most important thing we can do no matter what role we play in these special kids’ lives is to make sure they feel included and supported.

On that note, I’ve come across some truly wonderful and inspiring information that offers ideas on how to do this.

Sara Bell

Here are the resources Sara shared. Enjoy!

Early Interactions with Children Who are Deaf-Blind

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Sign Language Fun with Games and Puzzles

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss or Deafness

Socialization and the Child Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

5 Tips for Teaching a Deaf Child to Swim

College Planning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

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