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Shanes Inspiration playground

An international non-profit organization, Shane’s Inspiration’s vision is to foster a bias-free world for children with disabilities.  Their mission is to create inclusive playgrounds and educational programs that unite children of all abilities.

Take a tour of one of their inclusive playgrounds.

Shane's Inspiration

Together, We Are Able is their powerful school social inclusion program. Proven already in over 150 schools, the program fosters awareness, communication, and understanding between children with and without disabilities, eliminating opportunities for conflict and bullying while teaching core Social-Emotional Learning competencies.

Watch the program in action.

Typically geared towards 4th-6th GRADE but easily modifiable, the program rolls out through the following steps:

Step 1: An engaging 60-minute classroom workshop helps students explore personal responses to disabilities. Utilizing writing, group discussion, video, and an interactive game, students are encouraged to see beyond their misconceptions and prepared with tools on how to engage with students with disabilities.

Step 2: The students are paired with their peers with disabilities on your school campus or a community inclusive playground. The students gain new skills and awareness through laughter and play!

Step 3: A 45-minute classroom workshop uses written evaluations, group debriefing, and an engaging activity to help students synthesize their newly-gained awareness and experience on the playground.

This three-step program is extended throughout the year via integrated recess and is sustained through professional development for all levels of staff.

Get a free copy of your Together, We Are Able curriculum and social inclusion training video today! Available online, hard copy, and in Spanish, it includes:

  • Step-by-step guides for the classroom workshops
  • Engaging written and hands-on activities
  • A DVD featuring the lives of three children with disabilities
  • Playground tips and tools to facilitate communication and engagement
  • An online, modular 60-minute training video on facilitating social inclusion

Order your curriculum.

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Implementation Support

Shane’s Inspiration’s education team can help you via:

  1. Downloadable program content
  2. Staff and parent trainings on social inclusion, Autism support, and program implementation
  3. Access to our program staff who can help you tailor the program content to meet school needs
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