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KIPP Woodson Park Academy Celebration Plans #ISW2020

KIPP Woodson Park Academy in Atlanta Public Schools has shared their celebration plans for this year’s Inclusive Schools Week!

Activities that Promote Awareness

  • Staff will make a Flipgrid video highlighting “Our difference is our superpower” that will be shared to grade levels. Students will make a Flipgrid responding to the same prompt. Videos will be shared via Instagram throughout the week.
  • Teacher-led presentation on celebrities that have disabilities, highlighting individuals who have learned to be resilient and cope with disabilities to lead successful lives.

Activities that Increase Knowledge and/or Skills

  • Presentation on inclusiveness and how we can make sure all of our teammates are included.
  • K-2 will learn feeling words and how to make statements by matching feelings to pictures and filling in the blank with matching elements.
  • Grades 3-6 will discuss and respond to scenarios to learn perspective and how to consider another person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and motives.