IGB International School in Kuala Lumpur Celebrates #ISW2020

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Submitted by: Aga Chojnacka

Activities that Promote Awareness

Every November and December IGBIS celebrates and raises awareness of one of the key pillars and values of our community- INCLUSION.

This year, even though we are currently in distance learning mode we have already planned for and developed a programme of themes for discussion and reflection prompts that will raise our community’s awareness of attributes, attitudes and actions that support inclusion.

Over the next four weeks we will focus on unpacking and exploring the following themes:

November 9th-14th: Caring and Wellbeing November 16th-20th: Compassion and Empathy November 23rd-27th: Kindness

November 30th-Dec 4th: Equity and Access

During these weeks we will engage our learners, teachers, and parents in interacting with videos, books, publications, and activities that will help us grow in our understanding of these elements of an inclusive community and build up awareness towards the final International Inclusive Schools Week that we will celebrate during the week of December 7th-11.

During that week-long celebration, we will continue to explore a variety of resources but also hold “town hall meetings and discussions”, “TED Circles” and community workshops around the issues of Inclusion at IGBIS and the world.

Activities that Increase Knowledge and/or Skills

Example of Week 1

Caring and Wellbeing Resources In order to be kind to others, we need to be kind to ourselves first. Engage in reflection and activities below to build some caring and well-being habits for you and your family:

Students and Parents: Check in with yourself using the Caring and Well being Checklist

Students and Parents: Play our Caring and Wellbeing Bingo!

Students: Watch this video about helping yourself stay mentally healthy, watch this video about how to care for yourself and your wellbeing

Students: Explore this Epic Collection of books about Caring and Wellbeing

Parents: Explore these inspiring TED Talks about ways in which we can bring caring and wellbeing into your lives.

Example Week 2

Empathy and compassion help us see each other for who we really are. Engage in reflection and activities below, so that you and your family can grow in empathy and compassion:

Students and Parents: Try the Empathy and Compassion Choice Board – Can you do them all this week?

Students and Parents: Watch and reflect on the choices and actions of children in this animation.

Students: 1. Watch this Sesame Street Short to understand the meaning of empathy. 2. Watch this inspiring TED Talk from another student bout a power of Empathy.

Students: Explore this Epic Collection of books to find out more about how to show empathy and compassion.

Parents: Explore these 15 most valuable Talks emotional intelligence.

Activities that Influence the System

Inclusion has been made one of our 5 pillars/school values and is a part of all our strategic planning/budgeting and reflection regarding the school’s development of:

  • physical and virtual environments
  • learning and teaching
  • culture (policies, procedures and practice)

Do you have an Inclusion in Action Story to share? We’d love to read about it and share it with others.

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