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ISW International School of Kuala Lumpur

We are so excited to share an international inclusion celebration that just took place this April. Even though Inclusive Schools Week is officially the first week of December, it is NEVER a bad time to celebrate inclusion in schools!

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) in Malaysia celebrated Inclusive Schools Week April 1-5, 2019. They launched the week by hosting a Coffee Chat & Resource Fair to engage the parent community. This fair was intended to raise the supports that ISKL has in place for all learners and connect parents to the resources and supports in the greater Kuala Lumpur community.

Throughout the week, the students at all divisions purposely designed engagements to heighten their awareness about inclusion. At the Elementary Campus, students learned more about inclusion by watching videos, reading books, like My Friend Isabelle, and Zoom and students analyzed cartoons. They colored kaleidoscopes and made connections between the colors and including all. On Autism Awareness Day, the students in the preschool program “Blew Bubbles for Autism.”

The middle school students created a video to launch the week, interviewing teachers, students, and parents and asking the following questions: What is inclusion? Why is inclusion important? How does it feel to be included? How does it feel when you are not included? What can we do at ISKL to be inclusive of everybody? During morning homeroom, the students engaged in interactive simulations to recognize that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, but this fact does not decrease our value as people. They went on to explore what inclusion means and some ways to make ISKL a more inclusive community. They took their brainstorms (words/ symbols) and created word clouds.

At the high school, there was a graffiti wall (Inclusiveness is…), an Inclusive Film Festival, and they celebrated down syndrome awareness day (which was March 21st) with Funky Sock Friday.

For more information please contact Kathryn Balsamo (, the Speech-Language Pathologist at the ISKL Elementary School.


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  • OMOTAYO PELUMI April 17, 2019

    Our organisation work as educator in southwest Nigeria on inclusive education and campaign against early marriage among the settlers and we need funding help and link us for the success of the project

  • Kathryn Balsamo May 1, 2019

    I’d be happy to share the planning templates we used at our school. Please send me an email.