Tororo Inset 2019 Inclusive Schools Network Celebration

Students holding Inclusive Schools Week banner

TORORO INSET NURSERY TEACHER TRAINING SCHOOL, in partnership with Tororo Municipal Education Office, has been training and equipping field teachers with new skills to transform the current ordinary ECD-nursery school education centers to inclusive education centers, giving them skills to address the needs of diverse learners.

Tororo Inset uses materials and training from education offices, Stetson & Associates, Inc., The Nora Project, Light for the World, and many other support organizations. Over 100 ECD practicing teachers were trained to become inclusive education teaches in Uganda from different districts.

This year, in the third week of November and the first week of December, as an Inclusive Schools WeekTM celebration and exhibition center, we shall celebrate our success together with all schools that have been trained in inclusive education practices.

The celebration activities will include songs, poems, riddles, drama, sign language for the deaf learners, an exhibition of teaching and learning materials, teaching an inclusive class, games and sports, among other events. The winning schools will be recognized by Inclusive Schools Week.

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