Gab About Your Gifts: Classroom Discussion Questions & Activities

Start each day of Inclusive Schools Week with a discussion about the gifts students have and how they can share them. Use a gift box as a prop and add to it each day after the discussion with our easy, yet powerful activities.

Day One

Question: What is the best gift you ever received?  What is the best gift you have given someone else?

Activity: Introduce an empty gift box to the class. Tell them each day you will discuss their gifts and add to the present.

Day Two

Question: Every person is different and important.  What special gift do you bring to the class?

Activity: Have each student write the gift(s) they have to share with the class on the downloadable gift handout. Have them place these in the class gift box and tape the box closed.

Day Three

Question: Gifts are meant to be shared and are presented in many different ways. What are some of the ways you present your gifts to other? For example, if your gift is compassion, maybe you volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Activity: Wrap the classroom gift box in colorful paper.

Day Four

Question: Gifts can be embellished with beautiful ribbons and decorations. Name one gift that does not come naturally to you. How can you work to improve this character trait?

Activity: Decorate the gift with ribbons, embellishments and a tag.

Day Five

Question: It is always more rewarding to give gifts than receive them. Let’s share all of the gifts you bring to this classroom.

Activity: The teacher unwraps the classroom gift box and reads the special gifts that each person adds to the class.

Download: Gab About Your Gifts Classroom Discussion Questions & Activities

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