Decorate Your Walls for Inclusive Schools Week

Show everyone in the community how inclusive your staff and students are by decorating the school doors and walls! Here are a few quick activities that will add to your Inclusive Schools Week Celebration.

Unwrapping My Gifts

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Students

Unwrapping my gifts illustration

Give students a chance to sum up their best traits while reviewing adjectives with this bulletin board decoration. Instruct each child to fill out the gift pattern, decorate it, and cut it out. Then invite each child to share the adjectives with the class.Display the completed gifts on a bulletin board.

Display idea: Hang the gifts on a bulletin board or wall!

Download: Unwrapping My Gifts Handout

Many Hands: One Community

Audience: All Grades Levels & Staff


Have each member of the school community fill out a hand (free download) with a written commitment or action of how they will practice inclusion in the community. Cut the hands out and display them in a prominent location of the school or classroom.

Lesson Extension: Challenge students by giving them specific letters to start their answer. For example, their answer must start with the the first letter of their name or assign each student a different letter of the alphabet.

Download: Inclusion Hand Thinksheet

Build Your Own Snowman

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Students

Build Your Own Snowman Folder

Give each student a manila folder with their name and the snowman (free download) on the front of it. Have several snowflakes copied and available to students to write positive comments and words of encouragement for their classmates during the week. They can place the snowflakes in their classmates folders for them to read during Inclusive Schools Week.

Display idea: Hang the folders on a bulletin board or wall so students can access them easily!

Download: Snowman Folder Cover
Download: Praise Snowflakes

Team T-Shirts

Audience: Elementary & Middle School Students

Team T-Shirt

Have small groups of students work together to learn more about each other. First, allow them time to visit and share their own interests such as favorite hobbies, books they enjoy reading and what characteristics they possess that make them a valuable team member. Then, have the group decide on an inclusion themed slogan that represents the team such as “Grow Relationships Together”and a symbol such as a flourishing tree. Finally, they can design a team jersey to represent their theme and display them.

Download: Team T-Shirt

Miraculous Me

Audience: All Grade Levels & Staff

Girl holding Miraculous Me worksheet

Distribute the “Miraculous Me” thinksheet (free download) to the staff or students. Have them quickly record their first thoughts about each of the items. Then, they can go back and explain their choices in the “Why?” section. Have a share session about some of their choices and display the completed sheets on a bulletin board or door so everyone can get to know their community members better.

Download: “Miraculous Me” Thinksheet

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