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ISW Activities and Lessons

Theme Specific Activites and Lessons

Elementary Activity: Build a Ship of Hands

Use the template provided by the Inclusive Schools Network to create a visual of the ship you are steering in your own school! Proudly display in your classroom or hallway celebrate everyone’s contribution to inclusive schools. See the inspiration image on this page, or find more ideas about creating your “All Hands on Deck” bulletin board here.

Secondary Activity: Disability Awareness Treasure Hunt

One component of building inclusive schools is to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of people with disabilities. Students should know what disabilities look like and positive things that might help people with disabilities. Increasing knowledge may reduce ignorance, stigma, and bullying. Download this treasure hunt activity and plan your Inclusive Schools Week celebration.

Faculty and Parent Activity: Journey to Inclusion

Engage in a fun interaction to learn more about quality standards for inclusive education. This tool provides school leaders and faculty with a simple way to review current successes and identify practices that should be a part of your efforts toward continuous improvement of services for students in inclusive settings.

Planning Tools

Enjoy our lesson planning template and hundreds of lesson ideas in the categories below!