Waylen Wants to Jam

The Inclusive Schools Network is excited to partner with Finding My Way Books and celebrate this year’s Inclusive Schools Week. Finding My Way Books has been working for almost a decade to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities by sharing their stories in nonfiction picture books. One of their goals is to offer school materials to help teachers teach inclusion.

Let’s Read a New Book!

Finding My Way Books is sharing Waylen’s story this year to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week. By sharing Waylen’s story, we celebrate his many strengths and abilities! After reading the story with students, Finding My Way Books has created a Student Activity guide that includes a word find activity, Readers’ Theatre script, family activities, group lessons, and Spanish vocabulary and classroom activities.

Playing the drum is so much fun. Waylen could do that all day long. But learning to be in a drumline is different. How will Waylen learn to drum with his line? When Waylen is jamming?

Waylen Wants to Jam (English and Spanish) and Student Activities

In addition, Finding My Way Books offers free downloads and student activities that celebrate inclusion.

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