Vienna Elementary to Mark ‘Inclusion Week’ Starting Monday

Kids holding Inclusive Schools Week banner in classroom

Students hope to raise $500 to donate to Jill’s House in Vienna.

Vienna Elementary

In observance of National Inclusive Schools Week, December 2-6, the students and staff members at Vienna Elementary School will participate in a different activity each day designed to encourage inclusion for all students. 

Vienna Elementary School is a Fairfax County public school. The school will showcase something each day of the week and is sponsoring a series of spirit days to raise awareness during which students wear different colors to show support. 

On Monday, students are asked to wear multicolored clothing to represent the puzzle piece for autism. Tuesday’s color is green, representing cerebral palsy. On Wednesday, students can wear blue to show support for Angelman Syndrome, and on Thursday, the color of the day is purple to recognize students with Sanfillippo Syndrome. The colors of the day on Friday are black and white in recognition of rare conditions. 

Fourth grade students are creating wristbands in each of the daily colors to support the disabilities that will be recognized throughout the week.  Fourth grade students suggested a fundraiser to support their student friends with disabilities and will be collecting donations that will go to Jill’s House, a respite facility in Vienna that provides respite for children with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

The students’ goal is to raise at least $500 to help offset some of the costs to families for a stay at the facility. Many of the fourth grade students are planning to host lemonade stands, do additional chores, and sell special wristbands to raise additional money toward the goal. Once the funds have been raised, a field trip will be arranged to present the check to Jill’s House.           

Inclusive Schools Week is an annual event sponsored by the Inclusive Schools Network (ISN) and is held each year during the first week in December. 

The details again are as follows: 

Monday: Autism- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black

Tuesday: Cerebral Palsy- Green

Wednesday: Angelman Syndrome- Blue

Thursday: Sanfillippo Syndrome/MPS III- Purple

Friday: Rare Conditions- Black and White


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