PWCS Office of Special Education Poster Contest

Two teenage students working together

In celebration of Inclusive Schools Week, the PWCS Office of Special Education, invites schools to create a colorful and attractive banner or poster that focuses on stakeholders’ awareness of this event. An inclusive school is where there is a sense of belonging—all students are welcomed members of the school community. There is acceptance and understanding of individual differences, and every staff member shares the commitment and responsibility to meet the needs of all students.


1. Must be a collaborative effort by 2 or more students, including students with disabilities

2. Must include the title “Inclusive Schools Week” (spelled correctly) and the dates “December 3-7, 2012”

3. Be created on sturdy material (poster board, bulletin board paper, cloth, felt, etc.)

4. Show why inclusive practices are important—What does it mean to your school? What does it look like in your school (classrooms, playgrounds, school bus, extra-curricular activities, etc.)?

5. Labeled on the back (printed legibly) with the following information: -Name of school -Artists’ names and grade level(s) -School contact person’s name, phone number, and email address

6. Schools may submit only one banner.


7. Banners must be received by Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

8. Deliver or arrange for banner pick-up:

Vicki Fornasar
Office of Special Education/Inclusive Practices

9. Student artists will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for their creative contribution.

10. Submissions will be returned upon request.


Banners will be displayed in the Office of Special Education, the Parent Resource Center, and the Kelly Center’s atrium.

Do you have an Inclusion in Action Story to share? We’d love to read about it and share it with others.

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