Catoctin Elementary in Loudoun County Celebration Plans!

Students holding Inclusive Schools Week banner

Catoctin Elementary in Loudoun County celebrated Inclusive Schools Week with a variety of activities planned by the PTA and school staff. During The Week students decorated classroom doors with hands that share what the word “Inclusion” means to them.  Guidance continued lessons on inclusion and kindness.  Books from the library were displayed to encourage inclusion-themed reading and a special “mix it up” day at lunch was held. During this special lunch event, grades K-2 colored with friends and made banners about what inclusion means to them.  Grades 3-5 sorted as they came in and sat with small groups and answered an assortment of “ice-breaker” type questions to encourage listening and making new friendships.   Thank you Catoctin Elementary for sharing how you promoted a supportive and positive environment for all students during ISW 2018!

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