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Instruction for
Diverse Learners

In the early stages of inclusive education, many educators and parents focused on the social opportunities for students with disabilities and other struggling students that were increased by sharing the same classrooms with general education peers. Within just a few years, socialization, as it was referred to, was not the only recognized benefit that was sought. Academic progress became an equally valued outcome of inclusive practices.

Inclusive practices are an integral characteristic of schools that achieve strong measures of academic success. Why? Because in inclusive schools, the following characteristics are in place:

  1. Students are educated whenever appropriate in the general education classroom with teachers skilled in the content taught.
  2. Access and opportunities to progress in the general education curriculum is greatly facilitated through inclusive practices.
  3. High expectations for all students are the norm.
  4. Instruction is differentiated to engage students on the basis of the skill sets, interests, and learning styles.
  5. Teachers use flexible grouping that includes varied small group instruction, large group, and paired instruction.
  6. Students are actively engaged in instruction and in their own learning.
  7. Instructional accommodations and scaffolding are used to increase access to learning and academic success.

This resource page features a variety of instructional strategies that are effective for diverse learners. In addition, we bring you a special section that introduces strategies, software, and hardware that increase access, participation, and academic success for all learners.

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A Guide for Building Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

The Inclusive Schools Network is committed to our mission to encourage and empower parents, schools, and the community to design and implement effective inclusive schools. Inclusion is an action, and we support a proactive culture that models kindness and acceptance. The importance of working together to create safe, supportive learning environments cannot be overemphasized! We… Read more

Specialized Support

The Far End of the Continuum Author: Frances Stetson, Ph.D. One of the primary goals of education is to provide equitable, quality learning opportunities that enable students to achieve post-school success. This goal is the same for all students, including students with disabilities.  Until the past decade, students that needed extra support and were eligible… Read more

Accommodations in the Classroom: A Guide to Making Them Real

Savvy and successful school principals certainly understand the value of keeping it real.  In a recent training, Stetson and Associates offered a wide array of examples and practical applications.  Each recommendation was designed to help teachers interpret how vital accommodations can realistically happen based on the Individual Education Programs (IEPs) of their students. For many… Read more

What Does an Inclusive Classroom Look Like?

If you are reading this blog you probably are searching for information to make sure that your child or someone very special to you is receiving the best educational services possible to meet their individual needs, so thank you for being an advocate for effective inclusive practice. What is inclusion, and what does inclusion look… Read more

Principles of Inclusive Design | Kody Olson

As a Deaf student, Kody Olson values the importance of an inclusive education. He recently gave a TEDx talk at Iowa State University outlining the personal impact that inclusive design has had on him. Additionally, he outlined ways that educational institutions can serve to be even more inclusive. Enjoy his TEDX talk… Read more

The Ultimate Student App Guide

With the advancements in technology, the learning and educational sector has been opened up to more resource options than ever before. Students now have access to such a huge range of options to assist them. These include, but are not limited to; e-books, audio-books, pod-casts, online lectures, real-time tutorials, forums and numerous assistive technology gadgets… Read more

Teach Like It’s Friday Night

Author: John Walsh, M.Ed. What if your students had to perform every Friday night in a stadium of cheering fans?  If you observe them preparing for that performance during the week, you will notice two key ingredients also found in a quality curricular lesson. The athletic skills utilized during practices are the number of repetitions each athlete practices… Read more

International Resources on ISN

Education is the key to development, reducing poverty, improving health and overall stability worldwide. Yet, according to the United Nations, 69 million children* are excluded from education throughout the world. About half of these children who are out of school live in 15 countries, with the greater part of them from sub-Saharan Africa and West… Read more

Educational Websites for Differentiating in the Classroom

Bedtime Math Kids Planet Smithsonian Education – Students National Geographic Kids PETA KiDS BBC For Kids Discovery Kids PBS History Detectives History Classroom Discovery Education Intervention Central Do 2 Learn Symbol World Florida Center for Reading Research Child Care Land LEGO WeDO ReadWriteThink Educational Resources Pre-K thru 12… Read more

Differentiated Lesson Planning Resources

CAST- UDL Lesson Builder The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) website hosts a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Lesson Builder that provides educators with models and tools to create and adapt lessons to increase access and participation in the general education curriculum for all students. The New York Times Learning Network- Daily Lesson Plans The New York… Read more