The Ultimate Student App Guide

The Ultimate Student App Guide

With the advancements in technology, the learning and educational sector has been opened up to more resource options than ever before. Students now have access to such a huge range of options to assist them. These include, but are not limited to; e-books, audio-books, pod-casts, online lectures, real-time tutorials, forums and numerous assistive technology gadgets, many of which can help enormously with inclusive learning.

One of the areas where there are possibly more options than anywhere else is the app space. Countless apps are now available on phones, tablets and even smart watches to help students with their studies and many of them are free to download and free to use. For the learner who wants to move at their own pace while also keeping up with the expectations of their curriculum, apps can be incredibly helpful.

The app ‘Quizlet’ is often called the ‘flashcard app’ because it contains free study aids on countless subjects to assist with revision. These are in quiz and game formats and learners can listen to automatic pronunciations in 18 different languages (which can be helpful for learners who have issues reading text). Google Drive is an often under-rated app that packs a powerful punch. For students who have a lot of files to store it is ideal and lets you use your device’s camera to scan and upload your paper documents.

For a detailed look at some of the best apps out there that are most helpful to students, see the below infographic created by Study Medicine Europe.

Author: Aris Grigoriou
Student Recruitment Manager
Study Medicine Europe

The Ultimate Student App Guide infographic

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