Ocean Springs School District Celebration Activities 2010

Submitted by Teresa Callahan, Assistant Principal of Magnolia Park Elementary School Highlights of Celebration Activities Ocean Springs School District on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has several exciting plans to celebrate Inclusive Education Week! For the big Kick-off, the Mayor is issuing an official proclamation for next week to be Inclusive Education week in our community, using… Read more

The Frazer Center ISW Celebration Plans 2010

Submitted by Lairalaine M. White Inclusive Schools Week Celebration Plans In addition to centerwide activities, Teaching Teams at the Frazer Center will: Create a colorful display that tells an inclusive practice that is used whether it’s on a daily basis or something new. Be able to answer the question “What is Inclusion?” Be able to present… Read more

Miami-Dade County Public Schools ISW Highlights 2009

– Submitted by Deirdre Marshall Phillips, FIN Facilitator, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Highlights of ISW in Miami-Dade County Public Schools First, Miami-Dade Schools has partnered with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the Florida Inclusion Network, VSA Arts of Florida, and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida to showcase student performances from our… Read more

Cooke Center for Learning and Development ISW Highlights 2009

Submitted by Kathryn Simic, Director of Family and Community Services, Cooke Center for Learning and Development Highlights of Inclusive Schools Week On December 10th, 2009. Cooke Center for Learning and Development will be hosting the Manhattan Developmental Disabilities Childrens Committee's Celebration of National Inclusive Schools Week. Sherri LaFond of the NYC Department of Education, District… Read more

Newton Public Schools 2009 ISW Events and Activities

Submitted by Jo-Louise Allen, Co-Chair, Newton Parents Advisory Council for Special Education  High School Activities Newton South High School Advisory teachers showed a YouTube video clip of "Soeren Colombo Speech about his Sister" during the Tuesday, December 8th advisory block. The speech focuses on the use of the word "retard" and its effect on our… Read more