Technology in the Classroom: Accessible Instructional Materials

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What amazing progress we are seeing in our world of education! This is particularly true as we look at the impact of technology in the classroom on students with disabilities. We see an explosion of new instructional solutions in digitized text and mobile devices and new software applications increasing access to the general curriculum.

Billions of dollars and tremendous talent are combined to realize the potential of educational technology. We hope you enjoy the numerous websites and applications highlighted in the Resource sections below.

To learn more about the accessibility guidelines (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act) and a renewed focus on equality through technology, visit

Created after IDEA 2004, the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials is tasked with improving opportunities for students with print-related disabilities. Visit this site to learn more about implementing the use of Accessible Instructional Materials(AIM).

Not to be overlooked is the continuing work toward accessible facilities for all individuals, with a special focus on children with disabilities. To learn more about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) resources, implementation ideas and guidelines, visit the National Center on Universal Design for Learning.

Through technology, new doors to learning are opening every day but we must integrate wise choices, instructionally relevant strategies, and individualized solutions into our decisions to achieve optimal educational impact.

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