Teacher Behaviors that Improve Student Achievement

Teacher working with high school student in classroom

This is a self-checklist that you can use to determine your strengths in improving achievement and motivation in youth, and identify areas you may wish to expand your knowledge and skills. There are two categories:

✔️ Check “+” if you are comfortable with your knowledge and skills in this area and exhibit appropriate and consistent behavior.

✔️ Check “-” if you need to strengthen your knowledge and skills and demonstrate appropriate behaviors consistently.

✔️ If you have “+” signs, what is the evidence that you are successfully implementing the skill?

If you have minus signs on your completed assessment, you should consider developing a personal action plan with a timetable to implement strategies and activities that will increase your effectiveness in reaching and teaching all students. Your personal action plan should focus on steps you will take in the appropriate categories. You might also choose to pursue additional learning for yourself or your staff in these areas.

Download the “Teacher
Achievement” checklist here

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