Resources and Strategies to Promote Peer Supports


Peer support is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and inclusivity, particularly in educational and community settings. To help you harness the potential of peer support, we’ve compiled a list of resources and websites that can transform your environment into a supportive and empowering one. Whether you’re an educator seeking to foster peer mentorship in the classroom, a parent looking to facilitate connections among children, or an advocate striving to create more inclusive communities, these resources offer insights, best practices, and practical tools.

Using Peer Tutoring to Facilitate Access

This brief defines peer tutoring and provides a brief description of three examples of peer tutoring, including how it promotes access to the general education curriculum and evidence of effectiveness.

Peer Support Video Clip

This video “Enhancing School Community Through Peer Support” provides an excellent introduction to establishing formal peer tutoring programs in today’s schools.


In the News: Special-Needs Students Named Homecoming Queens and Kings

Special Olympics Unified Schools

This site hosts several lessons and innovative ideas of how to create a socially inclusive environment.

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