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Technology has the remarkable power to level the educational playing field for students with disabilities. The fusion of innovation and inclusivity has given rise to a number of educational websites and resources that cater specifically to the unique needs of these learners. This digital directory provides a comprehensive list of educational sites focused on instructional technology for students with disabilities. Explore the transformative possibilities that technology offers to students of diverse abilities!

Technology for Teaching and Learning
Technology offers tremendous promise for student learning. The upsurge of devices and digital learning platforms, along with external events impacting instruction and student learning, have increased the emphasis states, districts, and schools place on educational technology. American Institutes for Research (AIR) provides evidence-based, technology-driven classroom practices and online strategies that enhance learning for all students, including those with special needs.

Merlot II
MERLOT is a free and open peer reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials and faculty-developed services contributed and used by an international education community.

Sounding Board
An iPad/iPod Touch app that allows students to turn their device into a story board communicator. Students with writing disabilities and communication disorders can use the symbols to create their own messages in the same way that traditional symbol boards work.

Apps for Children with Special Needs
A large list of educational apps for children with special needs including app reviews demonstration videos.

Bookshare: Free Cloud Library for Students with Disabilities
Bookshare is a  provider of digital accessible materials to students with print disabilities.

A vast array of web 2.0 tools, app recommendations, and general technology information. Sortable by content, grade level, and available in the form of an iPhone/iPad app. Created by a teacher and geared toward teachers.

7 Apps to Use as Assistive Technology
A collection of apps that equip your child or student with the right iPad and iPhone apps to enhance his or her learning process.

CAST UDL Lesson Builder

The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) website hosts a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Lesson Builder that provides educators with models and tools to create and adapt lessons to increase access and participation in the general education curriculum for all students. To find out more CAST and its lesson builder, check out the CAST website.

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