Grantseeking Resources

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Finding grants can present an elusive search; websites change, new grant sources are added while others dry up.  Do periodic searches. Know what grant providers do and don’t fund. Carefully read the application process. Don’t give up…there is money out there for your school!

Remember, always begin with your district level Grants Office or School Board Policy Book. Assure that your search for funds in aligned with your district’s goals and its guidelines for grant-seekers.
“All things funding for educators and community-based leaders.”  Access to some information is FREE for smaller grants. Larger grants require a subscription ($90/year).

Donors Choose
501 nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects.

McCarthey-Dressman Education Foundation
“Our mission is to serve as a catalyst in maximizing the skills and creativity of educators at the K-12 levels and in cultivating pioneering approaches to teaching that result in dynamic student learning.”

The Charles Lafitte Foundation
“The Foundation supports organizations working in four main areas: education, children’s advocacy, medical research & initiatives, and the arts.”

NEA Foundation Grants
The NEA Foundation is a public charity founded by educators for educators to improve public education for all students.

Association of American Educators
Some classroom grants available.

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