A Summer Guide to Inclusive Play

A Summer Guide to Inclusive Play

The Inclusive Schools Network, in collaboration with Finding My Way Books and Changing Perspectives, is pleased to share Understanding Ourselves and Others: A Summer Guide to Inclusive Play. Designed for K-8 students, the guide provides parents, caregivers, camp counselors, and others with strategies and activities to build student confidence and encourage belonging during the summer months.

Although opportunities to develop the essential skills of empathy, self-awareness, confidence, and inclusion are present every day, the summer hiatus from school offers unique possibilities for students to travel, attend camps, connect with kids from other schools, and engage socially in more unstructured ways than during the scheduled academic year. It is a prime time to nurture our young people to become confident, inclusive changemakers for tomorrow.

We sincerely hope this set of resources will empower and inspire you and your children.

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