2023 Inclusive Schools Week: Draw Me In!

2023 ISW - Draw Me In

About This Year's ISW Theme

As far back as the days of cave drawings, art has been a way for humans to express themselves. Many children begin to communicate through the language of art even before using words. We’ve often heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Our theme for Inclusive Schools Week 2023 is Draw Me In! Participating in art provides a pathway to self-discovery, and sharing art opens doors to understanding and respecting different ways of thinking. Do we see the faces of all children and youth drawn into the canvas of our schools and society today?

The need to belong is a basic need of all students and an integral component of effective inclusive schools. To be inclusive implies a fundamental commitment to building relationships among students, families, educators, and the community to support safe and positive learning environments.

Artist and muralist, Kyle Holbrook, founder of Moving the Lives of Kids, has joined us at the Inclusive Schools Network to share his vision and knowledge of public art as a way to reach and include all kids. As we celebrate Inclusive Schools Week 2023, let us respond—Draw Me In!

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2023 ISW - Draw Me In

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