School Celebrations: Influence the System

These celebration activities can be implemented across grade levels and throughout the school building. By engaging in a school-wide celebration, students have the opportunity to experience the power of working together as a community. Activities in this section reflect the importance of taking knowledge and skill to the next level – change within the system! By changing the policies, procedures, and culture of our schools, it is more likely that positive advances in inclusive education will become an integral part of the community framework.

  • Host a post-election celebration at the school to honor elected officials who support diversity and acceptance in the schools and community. Ask selected officials to address the students on the importance of inclusive communities.
  • Host a fund-raising event toward purchasing technology for the school to help support diverse learners.
  • Appoint several teachers and students to be inclusive schools ambassadors. Identify other schools in the district or surrounding communities who are also working to become more inclusive. Have your ambassadors meet with students in these schools to encourage their movement toward a more inclusive school environment.
  • Introduce a new high school course or graduation requirement that involves students performing community service activities. Encourage or require students to define how their chosen activity promotes inclusive practices in the school and/or community.
  • Set aside time during the month for teachers to observe classrooms in the school/district successful in incorporating inclusive practices.
  • Provide opportunities for co-teaching teams to mentor other prospective co-teaching teams through classroom visits, observations, sharing of resources, and informal planning meetings.
  • Develop a position within the student government to represent issues related to building a more inclusive community.
  • Develop a Welcome Center where new students and visitors can learn about the mission and features of your school, including its dedication to educating all students.
  • Reserve common planning time each day for teachers to plan ways to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Have information about the school and community available in a variety of accessible formats, including Braille, as well as translated into foreign languages spoken within the community. Have sign language and foreign language interpreters on call for visits with families.
  • Institute a required new staff training session that focuses on introducing new staff to the inclusive environment at the school and offers strategies and resources on inclusive practices.

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