Kids Included Together & Changing Perspectives 2022 Activity Guide

Kids Included Together (KIT) & Changing Perspectives worked in collaboration to bring you The 2022 Inclusive Schools Week Activity Guide to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week 2022, December 5-9.

This activity guide is meant to be utilized by teachers during Inclusive Schools Week 2022. While Inclusive Schools Week is intended to provide support to all marginalized students, this guide is focused on disability inclusion. You will find learning intentions, educator resources, and activities centered around 5 disability-inclusive themes, one for each day of the week. We encourage teachers to prepare in advance by promoting Inclusive Schools Week in their school and with their students, as well as by reading and watching the Educator Resources prior to beginning.

KIT and Changing Perspectives Now Activity Guide

These student activities are meant to celebrate disability inclusion, so it is imperative that students with and without disabilities participate, together, in Inclusive Schools Week activities. Keep in mind that as students return to in-person interactions, students are rebuilding their stamina for in-person interactions and relearning social skills. All students have experienced trauma over the last 2 years. So, feel free to modify any of these activities to follow COVID protocols at your school, and to ensure the activities are safe, accessible, and relevant to all your students.

The materials included in this guide are selected resources from Kids Included Together and Changing Perspectives or curated from trusted sources. For more information or for a catalog of additional inclusion resources, please visit and

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