Salt Lake City School District Launches Into ISW

Kids holding Inclusive Schools Week banner

Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) is celebrating Inclusive Schools Week!  This year marks the first time SLCSD will participate in this worldwide event sponsored by the Inclusive Schools Network.

SLCSD welcomes students from across the globe with over 80 languages spoken in the homes of its students. This depth and breadth of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and intellectual diversity is unprecedented in the state of Utah.

This year’s theme, “Charting the Course for Inclusive Schools”, has been embraced throughout this inaugural celebration.  Five elementary schools have developed plans for ISW.  The highlights of these plans include:

  • Morning announcements challenging students to practice inclusive behavior
  • Inclusive themed books read by principals, librarians and counselors
  • Lessons on acceptance and awareness taught by teachers and staff
  • Physical disability awareness activities in PE and Dance classes
  • Exposure to artists with disabilities in Art and Music classes
  • Banners and displays stating our commitment to inclusion
  • “I Pledge to Stand Up for Inclusion” projects completed by students
  • School wide assemblies celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion

As SLCSD navigates the waters of inclusion, ISW will help chart their course to improved inclusive practices.   We celebrate our progress, identify areas of need and commit to improving equity for all learners.

Do you have an Inclusion in Action Story to share? We’d love to read about it and share it with others.

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