Monroe Demonstration Academy Celebrates Third Year of Able Athletes

Monroe Demonstration Academy students

Monroe Demonstration Academy in the Tulsa Public Schools celebrated its third year of Able Athletes. Featured in Inclusion in Action in September 2020, the Inclusive Schools Network applauds Monroe’s continued efforts to provide “a safe environment that encourages all students to realize their full potential.”

Students in Able Athletes met once a week after school in partnership with the Opportunity Project.  Grounded in research that shows learning beyond the classroom improves student success and equips them to reach future goals, the Opportunity Project offers Tulsa’s youth hands-on learning opportunities. Able Athletes participated in various gross motor skills during a nine-week practice program that culminated with the athletes demonstrating their skills to friends and family.  Monroe Academy Able Athletes truly demonstrate that they are “Powerful Beyond Measure!”  The program is an excellent example of the power of “Unity Within Community,” the 2022 theme for the Inclusive Schools Network.

Monroe Demonstration Academy students and teacher
Monroe Demonstration Academy student and teacher walking down hallway
Monroe Demonstration Academy students
Monroe Demonstration Academy students

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