M.L. Donovan Elementary School

Teacher and students at M.L. Donovan Elementary School

M.L. Donovan Elementary in Randolph Public Schools, Massachusetts developed a comprehensive school-wide celebration plan for this year’s Inclusive Schools Week. The plan was developed by administration and grade-level teams. The goals for the week include supporting and building school culture through increasing student understanding of inclusion, how it makes Donovan a better school, and how students can act to promote inclusion.

The week begins with a school-wide activity to build background and understanding of the meaning of the word “inclusive.” Teachers will engage students in a conversation that encourages them to think about and respond to the following three questions:

  • Do we seek out a friendly, supportive relationship with all of our classmates in school?
  • Do we protect each other from bullying or peer pressure?
  • Are we the friend we want others to be to us?

Each day during the week, students will participate in activities customized for their grade level. The full list of plans and resources can be found here. We hope you read through these wonderful plans for great ideas about celebrating inclusion year-round!

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