Inclusion Championship Feature: Linton Elementary School

Kids holding Inclusive Schools Week banner in classroom

Linton Elementary located on the east side of the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas is a “Champion of Inclusion.”  The school’s motto,  “Know All- Love All -Serve All” is the catalyst that drives what’s done in and out of the classroom.

The namesake for the school, Dolores Linton, was a pioneer in providing equal educational opportunities for children.  She began teaching school in the 1930’s to the poorest children in the area who had long been isolated from access to public schools.  Linton Elementary was named after her when it opened in 1980.  The school’s mission statement stays true to Mrs. Linton’s vision of what she wanted for all students:

Northside ISD Linton Elementary logo

Linton Elementary Mission Statement:

  • To provide every student with the opportunity to develop intellectually by providing academically challenging learning activities.
  • To celebrate cultural diversity by respecting ourselves and others and being proud of our respective heritages.
  • To encourage students to strive for personal excellence, to produce quality work and to always have high expectations for themselves.
  • To foster a climate of cooperation and mutual respect that will serve as a basis for meaningful partnerships with parents, community members, and staff.

Principal Juan Perez comments, “We have a rich tradition of success here due in part to the trust that’s built within our community. Everyone is on board with what’s happening in our school, and it fuels our students progress. The mission statement and the school motto lead us in the direction we all follow.  The result is high passing rates for our students year after year. Everyone is on board with what’s happening in our school and it fuels our students progress.”

The Linton Elementary community is 86% economically disadvantaged with a very diverse student population.  Yet, the school has been ranked a high performing Title I school for several years meeting all distinctions continuously.

Principal Perez praises his staff and students for their success, “We are very proud of our staff and students for the continual work they put in day after day.”

Linton staff begins the school year by doing a community block walk that exposes the staff to the environment where the students reside.  Throughout the year, the school sponsors breakfasts that encourage parents to start the day with their children.  The staff believes in the importance of effective inclusion.  Students learn together in the general education classrooms with support provided as the needs of the students require.

The school also has assistance from many community groups including the Food Bank, Ready KidSA, and the neighboring high school—to name only a few community partners.  As a result, many services have been provided to the students such as free booster/child seats for primary students, classroom mentors, food assistance to families, and even home makeovers.  In addition, the school has an active Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) program which targets fathers to come to school and support the needs of the students.

As principal and leader of the school community, Principal Perez believes a common vision is critical to creating an environment where all kids belong. He says, “I feel creating a shared vision of inclusion is necessary and needs to be continually repeated with all stakeholders until is becomes an expectation and the culture of the school.”

The leadership, staff, students, and community of Linton Elementary are to be commended for being  “Champions of Inclusion!”

Linton Elementary School teachers

We love how students and staff at Linton Elementary School truly foster an inclusive environment year round. Enjoy these videos of just a few examples of inclusive programs they provide.

Referees Call a Timeout for Reading
NBA Referees serve as mentors to help improve students reading skills at Linton Elementary.

Linton Elementary Teaches Ballroom Dancing
The art of ballroom dancing takes center stage in an after school program at Linton Elementary. A grant has made the classes possible to a group of students who may not ever be exposed to the elegant style of dance.

Elementary and High School Mentorship Program
We all need someone to look up to, someone who is a positive influence in our life. A group of students at Linton Elementary School has developed a special bond with volunteers from just around the corner- Holmes High School student athletes. Watching them together, it’s hard to figure out who is benefitting more from this special partnership.

Family Support Team that includes from left to right: Myself, Ishimara Gonzalez (Community Liaison), Roxanne Gutierrez (Vice Principal) and Marco Tijerina (Counselor). They meet weekly to discuss resolutions for various issues and concerns that arise throughout the school year.

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