Ghana Inclusive International School 2015 ISW Celebration

Ghana Inclusive International School photo collage

Multikids Inclusive Academy (MKA) is Ghana’s first inclusive international school, educating children in a co-existing learning environment. MKA combines creative, academic and vocational teaching and learning based on the UK National Curriculum, for students in nursery school up to 21 years old. They provide excellence through an enabling environment for all learners and promoting inclusion to empower everyone to reach their potential. MKA envisions a society where all people can live side by side respectfully and appreciate that they each have unique contributions to make to the world. Over the past year, MKA has celebrated its 5th Anniversary. This coincided with the Millennium Development Goal to have all of the schools in Ghana providing inclusive education by 2015. To raise awareness about this and to highlight the successes of this type of learning environment, MKA hosted a celebratory event. The event included student-led performances, entailing singing, drumming, dancing, speeches, and a recycled-material fashion show!

This December, in recognition of Inclusive Schools Week, MKA will host another student-led performance. They are honored to have the support of a wide variety of esteemed international artists, together raising awareness about inclusive education. This performance will also provide the platform for the launch of the new Multikids Foundation, which raises money for student scholarships and community support programs.

To find out more about Multikids Inclusive Academy, please see our website at or contact Mandy Budge, President and CEO, at

Learn more about the school and their celebration in this special edition of their newsletter.

Ghana Inclusive International School photo collage

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