Atlanta Public Schools Celebrates ISW 2011

Atlanta Public Schools ISW poster

Atlanta Public Schools has many different activities planned for Inclusive Schools Week.

The Board of Education has  proclaimed that the week of December 5th-9th will be Inclusive Schools Week.

On Monday, the Central Office Staff will be greeted at the door in the morning with pencils, stickers and gifts from the ISN Shop. They will also have a special screening of Including Samuel (see flyers below).

Parents of students with disabilities will talk about their child and how important it is to have their children included.  The parents will present before the film and after.

On Tuesday, there will be a screening of the same film within a local library during the day, open to the public (see flyer below).

On Thursday, there will be a screening of the same film within Douglas High School at night. We will offer food and view artwork from students within Atlanta Public Schools.

Students are being asked to wear navy blue on Wednesday to honor the week.

Here are some of the flyers that will be using for the week:

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