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Celebrating Collaborative Teaching Success

Collaboration among people is one of the most important factors in successful inclusive schools. Inclusive Schools Week happens during a time that many cultures consider a season of celebration and giving. This is a perfect time to celebrate the people who you credit with being supportive of inclusive education in your school and community—the teachers, families, and students who work together to make your school successful. Collaboration isn’t always easy…so here are a few tips to celebrate all of the hard work your team has done together.

  • Invite your co-teaching partner to lunch. Talk about your achievements and your shared goals for the new year.
  • Write a card to each student in your class highlighting one of his/her talents and your hopes for their continued success. Thank them for being a part of your class.
  • Say “thank you” to the family members involved in your classroom.
  • Write a list of things that your child has learned from his/her teacher and send it to the teacher with a note of thanks.
  • Ask the students in your class to come up with a list of collective accomplishments this year. Give them time to reflect on how far they have come.
  • Work with your students to create a handmade gift for the school administration. Include a note highlighting how much they appreciate the leadership in the school. Cookies are a wonderful token of appreciation!