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Guiding Principles

The Inclusive Schools Network offers a forum for educators, students, family, and community members to share experiences and ideas with each other. It is important for the Inclusive Schools Network to model an inclusive approach in welcoming and valuing all perspectives and opinions regarding the practice of inclusive education.  We hope you will communicate with us directly to improve this website and our services to you.  

The following three principles guide the Inclusive Schools Network.  Over the next several months with the help of our members we will be expanding and enriching this list.


RelationshipsTo be ‘inclusive’ implies a fundamental commitment to relationships across student peers, colleagues in education and the community, parents, siblings, and the larger family unit and across the global community. ISN will focus on building relationships through shared ideas and experiences across our membership, through blogs and other social networking opportunities, and through an expanded set of virtual and actual conferences for building shared capacity.


ResourcesWhile many schools across the globe have realized significant success, many hurdles remain to be addressed in achieving inclusive schools. Several countries, communities and schools are fledglings in their development of a systemic and successful approach to inclusive education. ISN will connect those with resources to share and with those in need; will create and disseminate an extensive bank of resources to be easily accessed through the website; and will identify areas in which new ideas and solutions are required – and in which new strategies, tools, sites to visit, and other resources will support the advance of inclusive education to a new level.


ResearchInclusive education practices are fully grounded in concepts of equity and civil rights yet research tied to academic achievement, post-school success, and improved outcomes for all students is not available in the quantity and quality needed to facilitate widespread acceptance and buy-in for many stakeholders. The ISN will provide a forum for researchers to post their current studies and findings for membership review and discussion. We will solicit reviews of the research regarding inclusive education from educational foundations, university doctoral programs, and other sources.