New Year's Resolutions for Inclusive Schools


Have you made one or more resolutions for the New Year?  Are you already achieving success losing weight, learning a new language, or rising earlier in the morning?  Or, like millions of others, do you avoid the practice of resolution setting to save yourself potential feelings of disappointment should your good intentions fall along the way? Whatever your personal approach, there is something renewing about the opportunity to begin a new year by setting resolutions for new beginnings and improved outcomes for yourself and those around us.


We thought we would set our own 2012 resolutionsfor the Inclusive Schools Network.  We've made many changes these past few months such as creating a new website, expanding our reach, involving more partners, incorporating more technology and sharing more tools and strategies- just to name a few.  But, the opportunity to list a resolution or two for ISN just can't be missed! So here they are:


1st: To create advisory groups of educators, parents, students to provide more grass-roots involvement in and guidance for the ISN.


2nd: To incorporate more examples and celebrations of successful inclusive practices into our site - recognizing that we all face hurdles but stories of success boost our confidence and resolve.


3rd: To include brief interviews with experts about inclusive practices into every month's offerings - experts will include educational leaders, successful teachers, researchers, insightful parents, and students with experiences to share and enrich!


4th: To feature examples of inclusive practices from around the globe each month to be certain that our vision includes all children, cultures, geographic locales, and perspectives.


5th: To engage in formal partnerships with organizations that share the same goals and passions of the Inclusive Schools Networ;thus, modeling the spirit and practice of inclusive thinking and shared resources.


Wishing everyone a New Year focused on a world in which Every Child Belongs!


Happy 2012 to All!  





Thank you,

Frances Stetson, Ph.D.

President, Stetson & Associates, Inc.

 January 2012 





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The Inclusive Schools Network  is a web-based resource for families, schools, and communities interested in the topic of inclusive education. 





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Reflection: Inclusive Schools Week

December 5-9, 2011

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Thank you for making ISW 2011 a Great Success!


Schools and communities across the U.S. and around the world participated in the 11th annual Inclusive Schools Week celebrated December 5-9, 2011.  The Week was a great success thanks to the hundreds of school districts and organizations who took the time to plan events and activities to highlight inclusive education.  


Some highlights of this year's celebration are chronicled in the Success Stories section of our website. To read more about how select schools celebrated ISW 2011, visit Success Stories and make sure to mark your new 2012 calendars for the 12th Annual Inclusive Schools Week to be celebrated December 3-7, 2012. It will be here before you know it!


*Please send electronic copies of photo release forms for any people pictured in the photos.




Critical Friends Groups: Increasing Student Achievement through Professional Learning Communities


The National School Reform Faculty (NSRF) is a professional development initiative that focuses on increasing student achievement through professional learning communities called Critical Friends Groups. These locally based groups of professionals meet together regularly for the

purpose of improving teaching practice through the process of collaborative learning. The use of protocols and activities during regular meetings facilitates more efficient and effective problem solving and learning. The exercises (protocols) that are used during meetings help to enhance communication and provide a respectful and supportive atmosphere for professionals to interact and learn. The NSRF website provides free access to several brief and longer protocols along with literature to help groups facilitate meetings. Visit http://www.nsrfharmony.org for more information.  




Young Voices: Young People's Views of Inclusive Education


This book and film highlights the views and photography of several young people with and without disabilities in Tanzania and Uganda. Through dialogue and pictures the youth express what makes them feel excluded and included in education. The aim of the project is to encourage others to think about what makes their schools inclusive and to overcome barriers toward making their schools more inclusive for all young people.  www.atlas-alliansen.no/English/-Young-voices-DVD-and-photo-brochure 




PEAK Parent Center: 2012 Conference on Inclusive Education


Join parents and professionals from across the country at the PEAK Parent Center 2012 Conference on Inclusive Education: Opening Doors to Curriculum, Classmates and Community on February 9-11, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. 


This annual conference offers a wide variety of learning opportunities including special topical institutes on Thursday, general conference sessions on Friday and a keynote with breakout presentations on Saturday.


To find out more and to register for this exciting event visit the conference website at http://conference.peakparent.org/.




Europe in Action 2012


The 2012 Europe in Action conference from May 30-June 12, 2012 will bring together self-advocates, family members, professionals, and representatives from organizations from all over Europe and beyond to share information about current employment policies and practices for persons with disabilities in Europe. Based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, inclusive employment opportunities and policies have been further developed and provide service providers, policy-makers and other stakeholders with outstanding examples of good practice. This event, sponsored by the European Union and organized by Inclusion Europe, will take place in Brussels, Belgium. For more information and to register visit http://www.rights-into-action.eu/
By Dieu-Anh Nguyen
Associate, Stetson & Associates, Inc. 


The focus on successful collaborative teaching partnerships is the responsibility of not only teachers, but the campus administration as well. Provided below are tools for teachers and principals to support effective collaborative teaching on their campus. Read more...


Increasing Effectiveness of In-Class Support for Teachers and Principals


Collaborative Teaching/Support Facilitation Observation Protocol for Principals  


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