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Use the Summer to Prepare for a New School Year

As teachers and administrators are winding down from the current school year, they are also thinking ahead to the next school year and how to make it even more successful. Are you looking for resources that will support teacher development pre-K-12 over the summer and during the next school year? Online modules from Vanderbilt University and its IRIS Center can be the answer.

There are 19 modules available in all areas of academic and behavioral disabilities. They also include latest research methodology such as Response to Intervention, School Improvement, and Collaborative Instructional Practices. These modules are designed for schools to use as part of a large or small professional development initiative, or as an individual module for new personnel or for specific instructional support. These modules and each theme within the modules are scientifically-validated, evidenced-based, engaging, and use a variety of modalities – including video clips, interviews with leading researchers and practitioners in the field, take home practice sheets, informational briefs, cases studies, and evaluation questions.

For example, the module on Accommodations highlights classroom considerations that promote access to the general education curriculum.  A sample of themes under this module include:

  1. Accessing the General Education Curriculum: Inclusion Considerations for Students with Disabilities
  2. Accountability: High Stakes Testing for Students with Disabilities
  3. Bookshare: Providing Accessible Materials for Students with Print Disabilities
  4. Content Standards: Connecting Standards-based Curriculum to Instructional Planning
  5. Universal Design for Learning