Tulsa Public Schools Able Athletes Celebration

Rob Kaiser, a Physical Education Teacher at Cooper Elementary School in Tulsa Public Schools submitted this inspiring celebration that highlighted the students’ talents. They held a school-wide “Ability Week” before the 2nd Annual Able Athletes Event. Able Athletes began two years ago as an opportunity for Cooper Elementary students labeled as having “Multiple-Disabilities” to show off all the abilities they truly possess. In 2016, they developed a 10 week preparatory program in which students focused on adaptable motor development. The choreographed finale featured an Able Athletes Event for family and friends to attend. This year, the event and program were celebrated by all students. During Music and Art classes, all students viewed an online presentation introducing the athletes. They then made signs, banners and individual books for each athlete. They also had their first ever “athlete walk” this year in which our entire school stood outside their classrooms and cheered for our athletes as they walked to their event in the gym. What a great way to celebrate student strengths and talents!

Abe's Able Athletes

Cooper Elementary School Able Athletes 2016 Celebration

“Small Steps, Move Mountains”
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