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Tacoma Public Schools Inclusion Gallery Exhibit

As part of a week-long celebration of Inclusive Schools Week, Tacoma Public Schools hosted an Inclusive Gallery Exhibit and Resource Fair at Mount Tahoma High School. Student artists from all abilities and grade levels displayed work representing what inclusion means to them. It was truly an amazing event with 82 pieces of art representing inclusion. Over 200 students participated in the event! In order to reach a larger audience, they displayed the exibit at the entrance of a well-attended basketball game.  Attendees of the game stopped, asked questions, commented on the art, asked what inclusion was and gave such positive feedback. Thanks to the amazing student artists for sharing their vision of inclusion, toleration and empathy with everyone that visited. 

The photos below are from the event. Also, take a minute to visit their facebook page so you can keep up with future events. They are planning to make this Inclusion Gallery Exhibit an Annual Inclusive Schools Week event. Way to go Tacoma Public Schools!

Tacoma Public Schools on Facebook

“Growing Together” by Larchmont ES first-grade Inclusive ELL, teacher Brenna Peterson. (image to left)


tacoma 2

Origami art by Mount Tahoma HS junior Jamiza L. James.




tacoma 4

“Nice People” by Larchmont ES third grader Conner Armstrong.




Tony Lund, Reengagement Center science teacher, views student work in the gallery at Mount Tahoma High School. 



tacoma 6

“We are a masterpiece!” by Larchmont ES fifth-grade pod.



tacoma 7

Conrad, a Community Based Transition student, watches a video he helped produced for the event. Nearly 200 people attended and volunteered at the Inclusive Gallery Exhibit at Mount Tahoma High School on Thursday, Dec. 4. The event was planned in cooperation with the Urban Collaborative Stakeholders group and the Student Services Advisory Council. In addition to the gallery exhibit, a resource fair was hosted in partnership with Pierce County Coalition for Developmental Disabilities. The coalition also sponsored a legislative forum in conjunction with the exhibit and resource fair.



tacoma 8

Betsy Minor Reid, Student Services Director, holds a basket while a student draws names for door prizes.



tacoma 1

Mount Tahoma junior, Jamiza James, displays his intricately designed Origami flowers and vase.

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  • Romela Murshed December 3, 2015

    I’m amazed by the activities(Origami works) done by the students. The write up for the Inclusion is really excellent and meaningful. Salute to Mount Tahoma!

    • Inclusive Schools December 7, 2015

      I know! We were so impressed! They have such talented students!