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Special Olympics Project Unify’s Resources for Promoting Social Inclusion

Unified Sports Handbook: bring inclusion to the playing field as athletes with and without intellectual disabilities train and compete together on the same team.

Unified Teams Take Special Olympics Approach to School: example of the impact of Unified Sports from a Colorado High School, published February 12, 2012 in the New York Times

It’s Our School Too!: Watch the film  (from Special Olympics Oregon) to see how students with and without intellectual disabilities can perform together in a stage show about real-life school situations or read THE SCRIPT to perform in your own school

Outreach for Superintendents: why school superintendents should engage their schools or school district in Special Olympics Project UNIFY

The Importance of School Climate: an understanding of school climate as it relates to Project UNIFY and inclusive practices for students with and without intellectual disabilities

Guide to Service Learning: a guide to implementing quality inclusive and academic service learning projects

Get Into It Active: inclusive activities that allow for the playground, soccer field or gymnasium to become the classroom