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Specialized Support Training Module

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Specialized support can be defined as services for students who receive special education that are provided in a location other than the general education classroom. This should be highly focused, specialized support, addressing objective that cannot be mastered in the general education classroom. Specialized support should be designed to enhance the student's learning and, whenever possible, to return to the general education classroom. The challenge for school today is to minimize the time outside of the general education classroom.

This session will give educators and principals the tools to monitor students receiving services outside of the general education classroom with progress monitoring, and find additional opportunities to address students' goals and objectives within general education as much as possible.

Session Objectives

  1. Define specialized supports
  2. Articulate the process for deciding student participation and access to the general curriculum
  3. List research-based interventions that support greater student outcomes
  4. Describe how LIFE Skills classrooms can be transformed into specialized supports
  5. Determine strategies to document student progress
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