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School-Based Practices Profile

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The continuing expansion of inclusive practices reflects the clear body of research that validates that inclusive schools produce higher performance outcomes for students with disabilities, positively impact the growing numbers of diverse learners in today's classrooms, and enhance the learning climate for all students. Inclusive education is often described as "simply good teaching". However simply it is described, the transformation of schools from traditionally separate in service delivery in curriculum to schools to that are seamlessly engineered as places of learning and belonging for all students is a process that requires systematic change and individual effort and commitment.

The questions posed most frequently today are not "why should we implement inclusive practices?" but "what do we do to implement inclusive practices?". Fortunately, the answer to this critical question exists in a clear and practical format: the School-Based Practices Profile.

This profile categorizes action-based inclusion efforts into seven dimensions and within each dimension, specific strategies for achieving success are listed. The School-Based Practices Profile (SBPP) is designed as a self-assessment instrument to assist a team of stakeholders in reviewing current practices with regard to inclusive education and determining next steps in the journey toward excellence for all students.

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