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Enhancing Student Self-Responsibility

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How do we engage students and create life-long learners?

This module will investigate attitudes and strategies necessary to motivate students to be active participants in their education. Glaser's theory of motivation states, "Motivation comes from our drive to fulfill the basic human needs of survival, freedom, power, fun and belonging. This is our guide in looking at how to engage students.

For students to take responsibility for their learning, they have to want to learn. This session explores how statements such as "I Belong," "It Matters to Me," and "I'm Important" translate into motivating students to take responsibility in the classroom what strategies teachers use to engage students and build relevance.

Session Objectives

  1. Determine and understand student learning styles and multiple intelligences
  2. Understand and appreciate cultural diversity
  3. Develop positive peer relationships for models of success
  4. Provide roles and responsibilities in classroom management and procedures
  5. Engage students in setting goals and developing plans for their future
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