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Differentiated Instruction Manual

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Good teachers have been doing it for years; educational experts proclaim that it is an essential component in success for all learners; new teachers wonder how they can find out about it . . .

What is Differentiated Instruction? Research identifies this process as (1) recognizing that “one size no longer fits all” in the classroom; and (2) a way of diagnosing the needs of individual students and making accommodations in the classroom to meet their needs. Stetson and Associates has designed practical training for teachers that provide specific classroom strategies to meet the challenge of our nation’s increasingly diverse learners.

The new Differentiated Instruction manual is a toolkit that gives teacher examples and information on:

  • Multi-level instructional strategies;
  • Planning models that enable teachers to plan for all students within one framework
  • Strategies for encouraging the unmotivated learner
  • Which learning components the teacher can manipulate to achieve maximum student learning
  • Grouping strategies
  • Grading issues
  • Inclusion strategies for the student with special needs
  • Instructional organizers
  • Practical examples the teacher can use in the classroom

Each Differentiated Instruction manual is accompanied by digital downloads of all forms and tools included in the publication. The Differentiated Instruction manual is available for $80.00 each.

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