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Sharing Resources Online

Do you want to collaborate and share resources with other teachers on-line?

Do you want to create a webpage where students can access resources and information?

Do you want a network where parents can find information and resources that can help them support their child at home?

Using a web page to communicate and post information is a wonderful way to create a collaborative space for teachers, students and parents. Schools administrators and teachers, collaboratively, can create a school website where educators can post information and share resources with one another.

A great example of this practice is the website developed by Mariely Sanchez, a 4th grade teacher in North Miami, FL. For information on how to build your own website and many other teaching resources, visit Teacher’s Corner at:

What is Helpful:

For Teachers: A web page section dedicated to teachers can allow for teachers to share and expand their repertoire of teaching resources and practices. Resource sheets, practice guides, links to important web-based tools can all be stored and accessed online.

For Students: A web page section dedicated to students can bring them instant access to homework assignments and  tips, graphic organizers and templates used in class, problem solving strategies, important links to websites related to class content and fun games.

For Parents: A web page section dedicated parents facilitates the sharing of tips for communicating with teachers, links to a homework portal where student assignments are posted, parenting tips, calendars of important events, information about child development that is relevant to the age of student in the school and a recorded message from the teacher or principal.